What does belly crawler mean?

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This a stereotype or style of individual. Somebody who could have as soon as rode a wild horse or ended up being an instructor. this individual is oftentimes reffered to as a rhino or cougar. smashed because continual overindulgence . borrow or mooch whenever looking for anything. has bad credibility or investing a few of their term. considered a liar in some instances. frequently works in your free time . many stomach crawlers just work at night because its said to be less stressful, much more soothing. also referred to as the cheapest of this lowest as a type of a person. scum or person who back talks other people. this sort of person may bicker or flail for fun or both. this particular individual is often a collector of things. partakes in weekly conferences if president occurs. likes a boast/conversation. Always punctually but work overall performance does match their attendance shown. this sort of individual is a belly crawler.