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Bellville is a former tight-knit italian neighborhood in essex county nj. ten years ago belleville ended up being understood many for many mild oraganized crime and great pizza but know its primarily known for bloods and latin leaders. The city has grown to become really run-down and also by only driving around for ten minutes when your maybe not automobile jacked beore then, you'll believe you're in Newark. But if your a fan for the sopranos your in luck, a lot of the newark views were in fact filmed in belleville(if thats a good thing) but all-in alll belleville sucks. The schools tend to be over run with gangs, firearms, and assault. My boy was fighting weekly in primary school and forced to walk-through material detectors in center and highschool. We moved to lacy a year ago therefore was the best decision we available, I would suggest located in belleville to nobody and franly you can find better areas in newark.