What does bellatrix mean?

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Awesomest villain ever.If i did not know much better, I would think that she and Voldemort have got one thing going on.. If you get my drift.

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brilliant star when you look at the left neck of Orion, from Latin bellatrix "female warrior," commonly used as an adjective, "warlike, skilled in war," fem. of bellator "to wage war," from bellum "war" (see bellicose). The Latin name, from Alfonsine Tables (mid-13c.), really loosely translates the Arabic name for the celebrity, Al Najid "the conqueror." In astrology it absolutely was the natal star of all destined to great civil or armed forces awards, and rendered women born under its influence fortunate and loquacious; or as old Thomas Hood said, "Women born under this constellation shall have mighty tongues." [Allen]