What does belabor mean?

belabor meaning in General Dictionary

To ply vigilantly working very carefully upon

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  • beat soundly
  • to the office at or to ridiculous length
  • attack verbally with harsh criticism
  • To ply diligently; to your workplace carefully upon.
  • to conquer peacefully; to cudgel.

belabor meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "to use one's energy upon," from be- + labor (v.). But figurative sense of "assail with words" is attested somewhat earlier on (1590s); and belabored is attested from mid-15c. with a feeling of "tilled, cultivated."

belabor meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To ply faithfully; to focus carefully upon.

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  • (v. t.) To beat soundly; to cudgel.

Sentence Examples with the word belabor

Ah, when one looks at our young people, Prince, one would like to take Peter the Great's old cudgel out of the museum and belabor them in the Russian way till all the nonsense jumps out of them.

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