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someplace in which about nobody understands what the institution colors tend to be. In which nobody provides a fuck in regards to the pep rallys. BAMS is sandwiched between your nurtured Homestead Wakefield Elem. in addition to pot filled, hell hole Bel Air High. Where almost 99percent of students continue to BAHS and also the other one % is frowned-upon when they enter H.S. like Harford Tech & SMA. 50 % of your class has become the cool group, and everyone understands eachother. In which BAMS could be the just school that has the mentally handicapped young ones washing the cafeteria. The instructors are typical pedos. The expressions, "go as well as walk" "anddd were running" "save yourself the Drama for your llama" "Waiting for you" and much more, are heard everyday. The countless push-ups and sit-ups we do should be unlawful. Where in actuality the really mile run, turkey-trot, and pacer seem like the olympics. When you walk past the main gym doors as well as the reek from the locker rooms drifts down the whole hall. Where in actuality the staff jumps on your own butt in the event the shorts/skirt tend to be above mid-thigh. Where in fact the boys at BAMS are just because needy/slutty/bitchy as girls. Whenever interactions last per week, girls day their boyfriend along with his friend until they've been in a relationship at one-point with every kid inside their level. Someplace in which five full minutes after a fight takes place the complete college like the staff is aware of it. Where in fact the end of college 12 months softball tournament normally addressed such as the fucking Olympics and it is truly the only from another location fun fitness center associated thing.