What does behoove mean?

behoove meaning in General Dictionary

positive aspect behoof

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  • is necessary fit or ideal to befit to belong as due
  • become needed for to be fit for to-be meet for with respect to need responsibility or convenience mostly used impersonally
  • be appropriate or required
  • becoming necessary for; is complement; is meet for, with respect to requisite, responsibility, or convenience; -- mostly utilized impersonally.
  • is needed, healthy, or suitable; to befit; to belong as due.
  • Advantage; behoof.

behoove meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English behofian "having need of, have actually use for," spoken as a type of the ancient compound word represented by behoof. Historically, it rimes with move, show, but being today primarily a literary term, its usually made to rime with rove, grove, by people who know it only in books. [OED]

behoove meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To-be required for; is fit for; become meet for, with regards to prerequisite, duty, or convenience; -- mainly made use of impersonally.

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  • (v. i.) become necessary, healthy, or suitable; to befit; to belong as because of.
  • (letter.) positive aspect; behoof.

Sentence Examples with the word behoove

It would behoove us to leave before midday's heat hinders you.

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