What does behave mean?

behave meaning in General Dictionary

To act to carry out to bear or carry ones self concerning behave well or ill

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  • To manage or govern in point of behavior to discipline to deal with to restrain
  • behave really or correctly
  • behave in a particular way
  • behave in a certain manner; show a particular behavior; conduct or comport oneself
  • To manage or control in point of behavior; to control; to undertake; to restrain.
  • to transport; to conduct; to comport; to manage; to keep; -- made use of reflexively.
  • To act; to perform; to bear or carry one's self; since, to act really or ill.

behave meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., from be- intensive prefix + have in feeling of "to own or keep (oneself) in a specific way, comport" (compare German sich behaben, French se porter). Cognate Old English compound behabban required "to consist of," and alternatively the present day sense of behave could have developed from behabban via a notion of "self-restraint." Relevant: Behaved; behaving.

behave meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To handle or control in point of behavior; to control; to deal with; to restrain.

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  • (v. t.) To hold; to conduct; to comport; to handle; to keep; -- utilized reflexively.
  • (v. i.) to behave; to conduct; to bear or carry your self; since, to behave well or ill.

Sentence Examples with the word behave

They behave in most respects as unsaturated compounds; they combine with hydrogen to form amines; with water to form acidamides; with sulphuretted hydrogen to form thio-amides; with alcohols, in the presence of acids, to form imido-ethers R C(:NH) OR'; with ammonia and primary amines to form amidines R C(:NH) NH 2 i and with hydroxylamine to form amidoximes, R C(:NOH) NH 2.

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