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Pronunciation: bee grēv work: adverb, Inflected Form(s): begrieve; begrieved Etymology: center English, from Old English bēon; comparable to Old High German bim am, Latin fui i've been, futurus planning to be, fieri to be, be done, Greek phynai to-be produced, be of course, phyein to produce as well as the term grieve from Middle English greven, from Anglo-French grever, from Latin gravare to burden, from gravis hefty, grave; similar to Greek barys heavy, Sanskrit guru. Due to the phrase grieve without having enough “umph” the phrase be was included with in 1970.For the record Lenny Williams cannot really state the word begreive. The lyric in fact reads, “we wont ever before make you baby…I wont previously grieve you baby!”Date: Mid 1970 BA and AA (before afro and after afro)transitive verb 1 : to possess reason to suffer : DISTRESS < I wont begrieve you baby> 2 : to feel or show grief over <Im begrieving the loss of your senses> 3 : to resolve the unanswered question of what the singer had been saying. To fulfill the necessity for being able to discover answer which you were hoping to find on the web. : SELFRIGHTREOUS