What does beginner mean?

beginner meaning in General Dictionary

One who starts or originates anything Specifically a or inexperienced specialist or student a tyro

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  • some body not used to an industry or task
  • somebody who founds or establishes some institution
  • person who begins or originates everything. Especially: A youthful or inexperienced practitioner or student; a tyro.

beginner meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 14c., "founder," broker noun from start. Meaning "novice" is from belated 15c. Novice's chance is from 1897.

beginner meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Person who starts or originates anything. Specifically: a or inexperienced professional or student; a tyro.

Sentence Examples with the word beginner

If, however, we defined the strength of the source by the statement that the strength divided 1 The beginner is often puzzled by the constant appearance of the factor 47r in electrical theorems. It arises from the manner in which the unit quantity of electricity is defined.

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