What does befoul mean?

befoul meaning in General Dictionary

To make foul to soil

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  • area, stain, or pollute
  • to help make nasty; to earth.
  • To entangle or run against so as to impede motion.

befoul meaning in Urban Dictionary

In order to make dirty or unpleasant.

befoul meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from be- + foul (v.). Related: Befouled; befouling.

befoul meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) To make foul; to earth.

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  • (a.) To entangle or run against to be able to hinder movement.

Sentence Examples with the word befoul

The reason for this is that in it the slag, by means of which all the purification must needs be done, is not heated effectively; that hence it is not readily made thoroughly liquid; that hence the removal of the phosphoric slag made in the early dephosphorizing stage of the process is liable to be incomplete; and that hence, finally, the phosphorus of any of this slag which is left in the furnace becomes deoxidized during the second or deoxidizing stage, and is thereby returned to befoul the underlying steel.

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