What does beforehand mean?

beforehand meaning in General Dictionary

In comfortable situations as to residential property forehanded

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  • becoming ahead of time or need
  • in advance; in anticipation
  • In a state of expectation ore preoccupation; in advance; -- frequently followed by with.
  • through planning, or preliminary; previously; aforetime.
  • In comfortable situations as regards home; forehanded.

beforehand meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also before-hand, early 13c., from before + hand, which here is of uncertain signification, unless the original notion is payment in advance or something done before another's hand does it. Hyphenated from 18c., one word from 19c.

beforehand meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) In a situation of expectation ore preoccupation; beforehand; -- often followed closely by with.

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  • (adv.) By means of planning, or initial; formerly; aforetime.
  • (a.) In comfortable circumstances as regards home; forehanded.

Sentence Examples with the word beforehand

On the fields of Marathon and Plataea, the Persian archers succumbed to the Greek phalarn of hoplites; but the actual decision was effected by Themistocles who had meanwhile created the Athenian fleet which at Salamis proved its superiority over the Perso-Phoenician armada, anc thus precluded beforehand the success of the land-forces.

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