What does befit mean?

befit meaning in General Dictionary

to-be suitable to to accommodate in order to become

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  • accord or comport with
  • become ideal to; to suit; to be.

befit meaning in Urban Dictionary

Verb originating from noun and adjective 'fit'.Always make use of when we want to say that anything fit a person or visual appearance

befit meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from be- + fit (v.). Related: Befitted; befitting.

befit meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) Is ideal to; to suit; in order to become.

Sentence Examples with the word befit

In material prosperity the progress of the island from 1902 to 1906 was very great; but in its politics, various social and economic elements, and political habits and examples of Spanish provenience that ill befit a democracy, led once more to revolution.

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