What does beeton mean?

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The definition includes numerous meaningsit first came around the begininng of 2006, to-be A Beeton you have to usually carry the emo kind lifestyle eg; try-hard really gay hair-cut, unsightly and tunes memebers for the same-sex. But this meaning in particular carrys a more direct apporah to a breed of emo this is certainly fat, unsightly, and attempts to be observed with an associate of the opposite gender however in actual simple truth is soo unsightly that the only look in that way. A Beeton will even appear filthy all of the time you simply wouldn't desire to be around that individual. and even when they have actually cleaned they appear more filthier. This individual in addition attempts to resemble they fancy classic rock-bands so simply to enable them to be buddies with all the norm of individuals but this will be simply a cover-up of this shit music they pay attention to.overall this individual is more vile and disgusting then your stench and gross particles that lie in a pigs sty!