What does beehive mean?

beehive meaning in General Dictionary

A hive for a-swarm of bees Also made use of figuratively

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  • a structure that provides an all-natural habitation for bees; like in a hollow tree
  • a hairdo resembling a beehive
  • any office where individuals are extremely busy
  • a man-made receptacle that homes a swarm of bees
  • A hive for a-swarm of bees. In addition made use of figuratively.

beehive meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from bee + hive (n.). Whilst the title of a hairstyle, attested from 1960 (the style itself considered preferred off 1958). Given that name of a star group in constellation Cancer, from 1840 (see Praesepe).

beehive meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A hive for a swarm of bees. Additionally utilized figuratively.

Sentence Examples with the word beehive

The Beehive (so called from the shape of its cone), the Grand and the Lone Star throw up columns to a height of Zoo ft.

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