What does bedroom mean?

bedroom meaning in General Dictionary

A room or apartment intended or used for a bed a lodging room

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  • a room utilized primarily for sleeping
  • a-room or apartment meant or employed for a bed; a lodging space.
  • area in a bed.

bedroom meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition bed-room, 1610s, from bed (n.) + space. Slightly early in the day in a sense "resting space" (1580s). Replaced earlier in the day bedchamber (late 14c.). Very first record of slang bed room eyes is from 1901.

bedroom meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A-room or apartment meant or utilized for a bed; a lodging area.

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  • (n.) Room in a bed.

Sentence Examples with the word bedroom

I left the phone off the hook, retreated back to the bedroom and with my heart racing, I closed the door behind me.

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