What does bedbug mean?

bedbug meaning in General Dictionary

A wingless bloodsucking hemipterous pest Cimex Lectularius often infesting houses and especially beds See example in Appendix

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  • bug of temperate areas that infests particularly beds and feeds on peoples bloodstream
  • A wingless, bloodsucking, hemipterous insect (Cimex Lectularius), sometimes infesting homes and particularly beds. See Example in Appendix.

bedbug meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition bed-bug, 1772, from bed (n.) + bug (letter.).u000du000au000du000a[The sleep bug] is meant to have already been first introduced to the country in fir wood that was brought to rebuild London after it had experienced because of the great fire; for this is typically said that Bugs are not understood in The united kingdomt before that time, and several of these had been discovered nearly immediately a short while later within the new-built homes. [the Rev. W. Bingley, "Animal Biography; or Anecdotes associated with the life, Manners, and Economy for the Animal Creation," London, 1803]

Sentence Examples with the word bedbug

The gad-fly (abu), the housefly (hai), the mosquito (ka), the flea (nonzi) and occasionally the bedbug (called by the Japanese kara-mushi because it is believed to be imported from China), are all fully represented, and the dragon-fly (tombO) presents itself in immense numbers at certain seasons.

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