What does becalmed mean?

becalmed meaning in General Dictionary

rendered motionless for lack of wind

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  • of Becalm

becalmed meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Becalm

Sentence Examples with the word becalmed

I mention this circumstance, because, as if the cows and calves had been purposely locked up in this innermost fold; and as if the wide extent of the herd had hitherto prevented them from learning the precise cause of its stopping; or, possibly, being so young, unsophisticated, and every way innocent and inexperienced; however it may have been, these smaller whales--now and then visiting our becalmed boat from the margin of the lake--evinced a wondrous fearlessness and confidence, or else a still becharmed panic which it was impossible not to marvel at.

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