What does beatnik mean?

beatnik meaning in General Dictionary

an associate associated with the Beat Generation a nonconformist in dress and behavior

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  • an associate of the beat generation; a nonconformist in dress and behavior

beatnik meaning in Etymology Dictionary

coined 1958 by san francisco bay area paper columnist Herb Caen through the heyday of -nik suffixes in wake of Sputnik. From Beat generation (1952), associated with beat (n.) in its meaning "rhythm (especially in jazz)" in addition to beat (previous participle adjective) "worn aside, fatigued," but originator Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) in 1958 connected it with beatitude.The beginnings associated with word-beat tend to be obscure, however the meaning is also obvious to many People in the us. Significantly more than the sensation of weariness, it implies the sensation of experiencing already been made use of, of being raw. It requires a kind of nakedness of this brain. ["Nyc Instances Magazine," Oct. 2, 1952] "Beat" is old carny slang. Relating to Beat motion legend (and it's also an activity with a deep inventory of legend), Ginsberg and Kerouac selected it from a personality named Herbert Huncke, a gay road hustler and medicine addict from Chicago which started loitering days Square in 1939 (and who launched William Burroughs to heroin, an essential cultural minute). The expression has nothing in connection with songs; it names the health of being outdone straight down, bad, fatigued, at the bottom worldwide. [Louis Menand, "brand new Yorker," Oct. 1, 2007]

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