What does beater mean?

beater meaning in General Dictionary

One who or that which beats

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  • a worker who rouses crazy game from under address for a hunter
  • an implement for beating
  • One who, or what, beats.
  • someone who beats up game the hunters.

beater meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "an implement for beating;" mid-15c., "someone who punishes" (c.1200 as a surname); representative noun from beat (v.). Of various mechanical devices that "beat" in some sense from very early 17c. Indicating "one which rouses game" is from 1825. Slang indicating "old car" is from c.1980.

beater meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One who, or that which, beats.

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  • (letter.) A person who beats up online game for the hunters.

Sentence Examples with the word beater

The lint is held by the roughness of the roller, and the blade of the knife or beater readily detaches the seed from the lint; the seed falls through a grid, while the lint passes over the roller to the other side of the machine.

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