What does beardyfish mean?

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An older male just who seemingly commands respect for evident knowledge, telling of incidents inside the past which might appear real and enthralling towards youthful or perhaps the naive, but could quickly be viewed as fantasy by anyone offering even slightly scrutiny.A Beardyfish will inform tales of fights, wide range & sexual exploits but will never back all of them up with any detail or reality, making use of expressions such as for example ‘a gentlemen never ever tells’ or ‘you don’t know my background’, in the hope that ‘mystery’ will undoubtedly be a satisfactory replacement for ‘reality’A Beardyfish thinks he's smart and experienced (as an older, bearded, wise-man of a tribe) but as a result of real lack of real knowledge of his fictitious adventures he shows extremely gullible to pranks and wind-ups on subjects he claims to understand loads about (and thus is fished-in)