What does beardpop mean?

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Light, non-threatening, drifty-twinkly-jazzy music that is produced by a tremendously severe guy in a small area on a pc. Aimed at a gathering who love to stroke their chins while paying attention, attempting to pretend that they're really serious songs enthusiasts, whenever actually they have been enjoying elevator music.Otherwise called idm (intelligent party songs), as described by individuals who are so afraid of looking stupid, they actually put the word "intelligent" when you look at the title of the favourite music genre. The songs is undanceable nevertheless they put the word "dance" with it because they wish they are able to dance. And it's not necessarily extremely musical so they put the word "music" on the end for safety.Other folks call beardpop electronica because it is therefore unimaginative there are zero tips within the songs, and listeners tend to be remaining with only soulless electric signals.minimal techno is a close general but changed for people that want to dance, somewhat, robotically, with no offbeat funkiness needed in uk garage, drum and bass or hip hop.