What does bear on mean?

bear on meaning in General Dictionary

be highly relevant to

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  • keep or keep in unaltered condition; cause to keep or final
  • press, drive, or impel (someone) to action or completion of an action
  • make a splash upon

Sentence Examples with the word bear on

Between 1580 and 1581, when Browne formed in Norwich the first known church of this order on definite scriptural theory, and October 1585, when, being convinced that the times were not yet ripe for the realization of the perfect polity, and taking a more charitable view of the established Church, he yielded to the pressure brought to bear on him by his kinsman Lord Burghley, so far as partially to conform to parochial public worship as defined by law (see Browne, Robert), the history of Congregationalism is mainly that of Browne and of his writings.

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