What does beagle mean?

beagle meaning in General Dictionary

A small hound or hunting puppy twelve to fifteen ins high used in shopping hares and other small online game See example in Appendix

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  • a little short-legged smooth-coated strain of hound
  • a tiny hound, or looking puppy, twelve to fifteen inches large, used in hunting hares as well as other tiny online game. See Illustration in Appendix.
  • Fig.: A spy or detective; a constable.

beagle meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., of as yet not known beginning, possibly from French becguele "noisy individual," literally "gaping throat," from bayer "open broad" (see bay (n.2)) + gueule "mouth" (see gullet).

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beagle meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Fig.: A spy or investigator; a constable.

Sentence Examples with the word beagle

The best-known among them are Puerto Deseado (Port Desire) at the mouth of the Deseado river (1253 m.), Santa Cruz, at the mouth of the Santa Cruz river (1481 m.), and Ushuaia, on Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego.

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