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(letter) you from any element of Newfoundland except St. Johns. People from St. Johns are called townies. Baymen - the people of Oyster Bay, extended Island. Generally better than individuals from surrounding towns. For instance Locust Valley, Cold Spring Harbor and Syosset. No description will become necessary, they just go more difficult in every element of life. Once the Baymen leave their homes and happen to be " personal gatherings " various other cities, this indicates as a white shine is coming off the human anatomy of baymen, becoming your interest is shifted immediately for them when they get to the required place. It is common for Baymen to turn against both, but if you have a variety of liquor and battling other cities, these folks magically get together, generating an unstoppable force. There are two main various kinds of Baymen, that shall not be perplexed. Those who Take in, smoke and play recreations, and the ones whom simply beverage and smoke.