What does bauxite mean?

bauxite meaning in General Dictionary

A ferruginous hydrate of alumina This is the mostly made use of ore for preparation of aluminum and alumina additionally it is employed for the liner of furnaces that are subjected to intense temperature

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  • a clay-like mineral; the principle ore of aluminum; made up of aluminum oxides and aluminum hydroxides; made use of as an abrasive and catalyst
  • Alt. of Beauxite

bauxite meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1861, clayey mineral containing aluminum, from French bauxite (1821), from Les Baux, near Soles, where it was first-found. The place name is from Successful

bauxite meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Beauxite

Sentence Examples with the word bauxite

There is some roofing slate along the Rogue river, natural cement, nickel ore, bismuth and wolframite in Douglas county, gypsum in Baker county, fire-clay in Clatsop county, borate of soda on the marsh lands of Harney county, infusorial earth and tripoli in the valley of the Deschutes river, chromate of iron in Curry and Douglas counties, molybdenite in Union county, bauxite in Clackamas county, borate of lime in Curry county, manganese ore in Columbia county, and asbestos in several of the southern and eastern counties.

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