What does battleship mean?

battleship meaning in General Dictionary

An armor plated warship built of metallic and greatly armed typically having over ten thousand tons displacement and intended to be fit to fight the heaviest opponent vessels lined up of fight the absolute most greatly equipped and armored class of warship at any moment

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  • big and greatly armoured warship

battleship meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1794, shortened from line-of-battle ship (1705), one large enough to indulge in a main assault (formerly among 74-plus guns); from battle (n.) + ship (n.). Later on in U.S. Navy in mention of a course of vessels that carried firearms associated with largest dimensions. The very last had been decommissioned in 2006. Battleship-gray as a color is attested from 1916. Fighter and bomber airplanes in World War I newspaper articles had been sometimes known as battleplanes, however it did not catch in.

Sentence Examples with the word battleship

Many states have been for a considerable time supplied by Krupp with steel guns and battleship plates.

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