What does battlement mean?

battlement meaning in General Dictionary

One of the solid upright parts of a parapet in old fortifications

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  • a rampart built all over top of a castle with regular gaps for firing arrows or weapons
  • the solid upright components of a parapet in old fortifications.
  • pl. The entire parapet, comprising alternate solids and available rooms. At first solely a military feature, a short while later copied on a smaller sized scale with attractive functions, as for churches.

battlement meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., from Old French bataillement, earlier in the day bastillement "fortification," from bastillier "to fortify, to equip with battlements," from bastille "fortress, tower" (see bastion). The raised parts are cops or merlons; the indentations are embrasures or crenelles.

battlement meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One of many solid upright elements of a parapet in old fortifications.

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  • (n.) pl. The complete parapet, consisting of alternate solids and open spaces. To start with solely a military function, afterwards copied on an inferior scale with decorative functions, as for churches.

Sentence Examples with the word battlement

The walls on the western side, and the terrace and battlement towards the river, are of a considerable height, and present a commanding aspect from the water.

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