What does batik mean?

batik meaning in General Dictionary

A dyed fabric with styles attracted on by making use of a removable wax where in actuality the dye is certainly not desired

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  • a dyed textile; a removable wax is used in which the dye is certainly not desired
  • dye with wax

batik meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1880, from Dutch, from Malay mbatik, considered from amba "to create" + titik "dot, point."

batik meaning in Fashion Dictionary

A hand way of decorating textiles by which parts of the fabric are covered with wax. The textile is immersed in a dyebath and only the unwaxed location absorbs the dye. The wax is removed. If design requires another shade, wax is applied once again to the area becoming safeguarded from the dye, therefore the material is put within the dye again to include this new color. This is repeated as often as artisan desires. The material produced by this process in Indonesia is manufactured in conventional styles and colors, and title batik is an Indonesian term. These designs in many cases are imitated in machine images for Western fashions.

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