What does batchic mean?

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noun. Unlike a Batchik, a batchic has a little more elegance and flair, focus on the classy. Formerly, this term has been utilized, like batcaver, as a mid-80's description of a fan putting on a costume goth and appreciating punk, grunge and dark underground music generally. These days you simply might find a batchic sipping a martini at an upscale bistro. Black continues to be the colour of choice for batchic apparel.There is a present retro-appreciation for batchic-iness, only if when it comes to kitch this term has arrived to be related to, in relation to the Batman superhero comic book character, as developed by Bob Kane. A batchic, in cases like this, is a fan of Batman comic book series, and/or of the Warner Brothers' Batman cartoon series.