What does batch mean?

batch meaning in Law Dictionary

1.the products produced in an individual run. 2. data addressed as a unit in a procedure.

batch meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English *b

batch meaning in Cooking Dictionary

One dish of a dough or batter, eg loaves of bread or snacks.

batch meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Amount of products or material manufactured in just one production run. 2. Collection of data or products treated as an aggregate or product pertaining to a process or process.

batch meaning in General Dictionary

(usually followed closely by `of') a great number or quantity or extent

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  • batch collectively; assemble or process as a batch
  • a collection of things or people to-be taken care of together
  • all of the loaves of breads baked at exactly the same time
  • the number of breads baked at once.
  • A quantity of such a thing produced at one procedure; friends or assortment of persons or things of the same kind; because, a batch of letters; the following group of business.

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batch meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) The quantity of bread baked at once.

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  • (v. t.) A quantity of everything produced at one procedure; a bunch or collection of persons or things of the identical type; since, a batch of letters; the next group of business.

Sentence Examples with the word batch

Reluctantly he agreed, with the assent of the home government, to the proposal of the mineowners to import Chinese coolies on a three years' contract, the first batch of Chinese reaching the Rand in June 1904.

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