What does bastardy mean?

bastardy meaning in General Dictionary

hawaii to be a bastard illegitimacy

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  • the condition of being created to moms and dads who had been not married
  • hawaii to be a bastard; illegitimacy.
  • The procreation of a bastard youngster.

bastardy meaning in Urban Dictionary

Descibes someone or something this is certainly like a bastard.

bastardy meaning in Law Dictionary

The offense of begetting

bastardy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "condition of illegitimacy," from Anglo-French and Old French bastardie, from bastard (see bastard). As "begetting of bastards, fornication" from 1570s.

bastardy meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The state of being a bastard; illegitimacy.

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  • (letter.) The procreation of a bastard kid.

Sentence Examples with the word bastardy

He oIdducai left his domains to a natural relative, Cesare dEste, families, who would in earlier days have inherited without dispute, for bastardy had been no bar on more than one occasion in the Este pedigree.

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