What does bassoon mean?

bassoon meaning in General Dictionary

A wind tool of this double reed sort furnished with holes which are stopped by the hands and also by tips such as flutes It forms the all-natural bass into the oboe clarinet etc

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  • a double-reed instrument; the tenor for the oboe household
  • A wind tool associated with the double reed kind, furnished with holes, that are ended by the hands, and by tips, as in flutes. It kinds the natural bass to your oboe, clarinet, etc.

bassoon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1727, from French basson (17c.), from Italian bassone, augmentative of basso (see bass (adj.)). Compare balloon (n.); also see -oon.

bassoon meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A wind instrument associated with double-reed sort, furnished with holes, which are ended because of the fingers, and also by tips, such as flutes. It types the normal bass towards the oboe, clarinet, etc.

Sentence Examples with the word bassoon

Magnificent examples are Mozart's trio for pianoforte, clarinet and viola, his quintet for pianoforte, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon (imitated by Beethoven), his quintet for clarinet and strings, Brahms's clarinet-quintet for the same combination, and his trio for pianoforte, violin and horn.

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