What does basketball mean?

basketball meaning in General Dictionary

A ball game often played indoors in a place called the baseball court in which two opposing groups of five players each contest with one another to throw a big inflated baseball the basketball into reverse objectives baskets resembling baskets each usually a cylindrical mesh suspended from a circular rim which is held ten foot above the courtroom an objective scored by passing the basketball through the container may count from 1 to three things according to the scenario in which it was tossed

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  • an inflated ball used in playing baseball
  • a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; things tend to be scored by tossing the baseball through a heightened horizontal hoop

basketball meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1892, American English, from container + baseball (n.1). The video game ended up being designed 1891 by James A. Naismith (1861-1939), physical education teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.

basketball meaning in Sports Dictionary

Basketball is a quick interior game used two teams of five people each. The item for the online game will be score as many baskets that you can by shooting the basketball through a hoop high up at both finishes associated with judge. The winning group could be the one which features scored probably the most points after two halves of play. (recreation: Basketball)

basketball - German to English


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  • hoops {pl} [treated as sg.] [Am.] [coll.]

Sentence Examples with the word basketball

He's a personable young man and a whale of a basketball player.

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