What does basket fuck mean?

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a phrase referred to a sexual favor offered by a prostitute, initially coined due to the fact 'Tijuana Basket Fuck'. The lady, or prostitute, sits in swing-like product, where in fact the seat has a hole cut right out for the base. The chair is usually made out of a material that contours the woman’s bottom, giving it a point-down rounded shape. The opening in the chair is adequate to permit the main components of the girl structure, the vagina and anus, to extrude in the bottom many component. The seat/swing, dangling by a rope, is spun round-and-round, like a rubber musical organization on a classic Estes balsa jet, coiling around let the 'sitter' to unwind. The woman, sitting inside seat, features the woman vagina lowered down on the man's penis. As that time, the seat is released, and the lady begins spinning around and around, using the corded rope as a propellant, slowly bringing down by herself onto the man's penis. Resources say so it only takes about 30 seconds to 'lift down'.