What does basis mean?

basis meaning in General Dictionary

the inspiration of whatever on which anything rests

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  • the most crucial or required part of something
  • a relation that provides the building blocks for some thing
  • the basic presumptions where one thing is started or created or calculated or explained
  • the building blocks of everything; that on which anything rests.
  • The pedestal of a column, pillar, or statue.
  • the bottom work 1st or fundamental concept; thatu000du000a which aids.
  • the main factor of something.

basis meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the initial price of a secured item to be used to determine the level of money gain income tax upon its sale. An "adjusted foundation" includes improvements, costs, and damages amongst the time the initial basis (price) is established and transfer (purchase) associated with asset. "Stepped up basis" means the original foundation of a secured item (especially real property) is stepped-up to existing price during the time of the loss of the master, and thus keep straight down capital gain taxes in the event that beneficiary of the dead person sells the asset. Example: Daniel Oldboy purchases a home for $30,000, so when he dies the area will probably be worth $250,000. When their son and heir gets the property, the boy can offer it for $250,000 with no capital gains tax, but if Dad had sold it before their death truth be told there would have been capital gains on $220,000. It can be more complicated than this simple instance with assets jointly held with a spouse, exchanges of residential property, also variants which need professional help.

basis meaning in Finance Dictionary

The difference between the buying price of a futures contract as well as the spot or money price, ordinarily quoted because the latter subtracted from former. Them being exchanged is a commodity or a financial tool.

basis meaning in Law Dictionary

1.the times in annually utilized for interest calculation. 2. when adjustments are designed between currencies. 3. the price difference between the money and futures market for an asset. 4. the purchase cost without the commissions and expenses. It really is used for calcula

basis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "bottom or basis (of one thing product)," from Latin basis "foundation," from Greek basis "a step, stay, base, that whereon one stands," from bainein "go, action" (see come). Transferred and figurative sensory faculties (of immaterial things) are from c.1600.

basis - German to English


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  • basis
  • bedrock [fig.]
  • bottom
  • column base
  • insurgent base
  • ranking and file of an event
  • footing
  • basis [basis]
  • grassroots {pl}
  • grass roots {pl} [fig.]
  • radix

basis meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The foundation of any such thing; that where something rests.

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  • (n.) The pedestal of a column, pillar, or statue.
  • (letter.) The floor work 1st or fundamental principle; whatever aids.
  • (letter.) The main element of a thing.

Sentence Examples with the word basis

The establishment of a united Turkey on a constitutional and nationalist basis was, however, not slow in producing a fresh complication in the Eastern Question.

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