What does barrow mean?

barrow meaning in General Dictionary

A hog esp a male hog castrated

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  • a big mound of planet or rocks across remains of lifeless a tumulus
  • A support having manages along with or without a wheel where hefty or large things may be transported yourself See Handbarrow and Wheelbarrow
  • the amount that a barrow will hold
  • (archeology) a heap of planet put over prehistoric tombs
  • a cart for carrying tiny loads; has handles plus one or more rims
  • A support having manages, and with or without a wheel, on which heavy or bulky things can be transported by hand. See Handbarrow, and Wheelbarrow.
  • A wicker situation, which sodium is put to empty.
  • A hog, esp. a male hog castrated.
  • a big mound of earth or stones throughout the stays for the dead; a tumulus.
  • A heap of trash, attle, etc.

barrow meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"vehicle for carrying a load," c.1300, barewe, most likely from an unrecorded Old English *bearwe "basket, barrow," from beran "to bear, to transport" (see bear (v.)). The first had no wheel and needed two people to hold it.

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  • "mound," Old English beorg (West Saxon), berg (Anglian) "barrow, hill, hill, mound," from Proto-Germanic *bergaz (cognates: Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Old tall German berg "mountain," Old North bjarg "rock"), from PIE root *bhergh- (2) "high, elevated" (cognates: Old Church Slavonic bregu "mountain, level;" Old Irish brigh "mountain;" Welsh bera "bunch, pyramid;" Sanskrit b'rhant "high," brmhati "strengthens, elevates;" Avestan brzant- "high," Old Persian bard- "be large;" Greek Pergamos, title of the citadel of Troy). Outdated except in place-names and southwest England dialect by 1400; revived by modern archaeology. In place-names made use of of small continuously curving mountains, smaller than a dun, using the summit usually occupied by an individual farmstead or by a town chapel because of the village beside the mountain, as well as of burial piles. [Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names] Meaning "mound erected over a grave" ended up being a particular good sense in belated Old English. Barrow-wight very first recorded 1869 in Eirikr Magnusson and William Morris's translation of the Icelandic tale of Grettir the powerful.

barrow meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a) Term always indicate a male pig which was neutered soon after birth. b) a phrase familiar with explain the activity of only partly shearing a sheep.

barrow meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A wicker case, where sodium is put to deplete.

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  • (letter.) A hog, esp. a male hog castrated.
  • (n.) A large mound of earth or rocks throughout the keeps associated with dead; a tumulus.
  • (n.) A heap of trash, attle, etc.

Sentence Examples with the word barrow

He died on the 6th of June 1762: A life of Lord Anson, inaccurate in some details but valuable and interesting, was published by Sir John Barrow in 1839.

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