What does barrister mean?

barrister meaning in General Dictionary

counselor-at-law a counsel admitted to plead within bar and undertake the general public trial of factors as distinguished from a legal professional or solicitor See Attorney

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  • a British or Canadian lawyer which talks inside higher process of law of legislation on behalf of either the defense or prosecution
  • Counselor at law; a counsel admitted to plead at the bar, and undertake the general public test of reasons, as distinguished from an lawyer or solicitor. See Attorney.

barrister meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. in the United States an elegant name for legal counsel or attorney. In the uk, there's a two-tier bar made up of lawyers, who perform all legal jobs except look in courtroom, and barristers, which take to instances. Some lawyers will "take the silk" (quaint phrase) and be barristers.

barrister meaning in Law Dictionary

In English legislation. An advocate; person who was known as into the bar. A counsellor learned in the legislation who pleads at bar regarding the courts, and that is engaged in performing the trial or argument of reasons. To be distinguished from lawyer, who attracts the pleadings, prepares the testimony, and conducts issues out-of court. In re Rickert, 66 N. H. 207, 29 Atl. 559, 24 L R. A. 740. Internal barrister. A Serjeant or king's counsel just who pleads inside the club. Ouster barrister. One who pleads "ouster" or without the club. Holiday barrister. A counsellor newly called to your club, who is to go to for all lengthy vacations the workout of your home.

barrister meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, "a student of legislation that has been called on bar," from bar (n.3) in legal feeling + -ster. In addition see lawyer. The second element is obscure.

barrister meaning in Business Dictionary

within the English legal system, the attorney whom confines their practice to the judge room and (unlike a solicitor) does not offer legal counsel toward consumers. This difference just isn't noticed in United States (in which all lawyers are called solicitors) and most other countries.

Sentence Examples with the word barrister

His work as a barrister was chiefly concerned with pedigree cases before the House of Lords.

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