What does barrio mean?

barrio meaning in General Dictionary

In Spain and countries colonized by Spain a village ward or area outside a town or town to whose jurisdiction it belongs in Spanish-speaking areas of metropolitan areas in the us it is a neighborhood ward or one-fourth inside a town

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  • a Spanish-speaking quarter in a town or town (especially in the usa)
  • a metropolitan area in a Spanish-speaking nation

barrio meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1841, "ward of a Spanish or Spanish-speaking city," occasionally additionally utilized of outlying settlements, from Spanish barrio "district, area," from Arabic barriya "open nation" (fem.), from barr "outside" (for the town). Main modern-day sense of "Spanish-speaking region in a U.S. town" is 1939; initial reference should Spanish Harlem in nyc.

barrio - Spanish to English

community [Am.]

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  • quarter

Sentence Examples with the word barrio

On the 30th of April 1802 it suffered severely by the bursting of the reservoir known as the Pantano de Puentes, in which the waters of the Sangonera were stored for purposes of irrigation (1775-1785); the district adjoining the river, known as the Barrio de San Cristobal, was completely ruined, and more than six hundred persons perished.

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