What does barrelhouse mean?

barrelhouse meaning in General Dictionary

an affordable drinking and dance organization

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  • an inexpensive drinking and dancing establishment

barrelhouse meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"inexpensive saloon, frequently with an associated brothel," by 1875, United states English, so named in mention of the the barrels of beer or booze typically piled over the wall surface. See barrel (letter.) + household (n.). Q. the thing that was this place you rented? -- A. it had been a space adjoining a barrel-house. Q. what's a barrel home? -- A. It is an area in which drums of whisky are tapped, an extremely substandard form of whisky, together with whisky is sold because of the glassful right out of the barrel. It is a primitive coffee house. [Committee Report regarding the 43rd Congress, choose Committee on Conditions for the South, 1874-75]