What does barracuda mean?

barracuda meaning in General Dictionary

any one of a few voracious pikelike marine fishes allied towards gray mullets constituting the genus Sphyraeligna and household Sphyraelignidaelig the fantastic barracuda Sphyraeligna barracuda associated with western Indies Florida an such like is frequently six feet or higher very long and also as dangerous as a shark In Cuba its flesh is reputed become poisonous Sphyraeligna Argentea associated with Pacific coast and Sphyraeligna sphyraeligna of European countries tend to be smaller species and generally are utilized as food

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  • any voracious marine seafood for the genus Sphyraena having an elongated cylindrical human body and enormous lips with projecting lower jaw and long powerful teeth
  • Alt. of Barracouata

barracuda meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, from American Spanish barracuda, possibly from a Carib term.

barracuda meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A pike:like sea fish with long pointed jaws filled with razor:sharp teeth. It is a firm:textured fish with reasonable fat content. The type most often found in the U.S. could be the Pacific barracuda (also known as the California barracuda).

barracuda meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Barracouata