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one of the biggest guys ever, recognized for his greatness at video gaming specially Madden 2005. well barnold is a person of numerous terms. many are dumb people. he previously 10 dads come to parent night during soccer period. their mother is a kind little home partner with a past like one of a whore. a normal time for barnold consist of likely to school and wasting time during course finding out about colledge schools aided by the title like th philly funk and what not. then he would go to lunch and trys which will make long distance shot from their seat into garbge can while shouting "koby" understanding dam really that koby is a tall black guy and not a short fat white kid from berbs. then he goes home and waste the wrest of his free time on madden 05 attempting to make the 49ers a team worth speaing frankly about. whenever we all know that the only way the 49ers will see another superbowl occurs when hell freezes over additionally the whole staff dies in an airplane crash. barnold is a sad guy and his mom is a whore/house partner. along with his sis is hot!