What does barelegged mean?

barelegged meaning in General Dictionary

getting the legs bare

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  • having the legs uncovered by clothing
  • getting the feet bare.

barelegged meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Obtaining the legs bare.

Sentence Examples with the word barelegged

The warmth yet shade-loving Indian of the Amazon; the Indian of the hot, dry and treeless coasts of Peru and Guayaquil, who exposes his bare head to the sun with as much zest as an African negro; the Indian of the Andes, for whom no cold seems too great, who goes constantly barelegged and often bare-headed, through whose rude straw hut the piercing wind of the paramos sweeps and chills the white man to the very bones; - all these, in the colour and texture of the skin, the hair and other important features, are plainly of one and the same race.

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