What does bare walls coverage mean?

bare walls coverage meaning in Insurance Dictionary

among three approaches employed for condominium coverage. Under a "bare wall space" approach, the condominium relationship insures just the bare framework of individual condominium building; the dwelling, accessories, and furnishings of collectively owned places; and the collectively possessed individual property for the connection. Under this methodology, individual product owners are responsible for insuring building residential property they have and use solely, including sinks, built-in cabinets, appliances, floor, and wallpaper (along with any improvements and betterments) inside their specific devices beneath the residents (HO) 6 or product owners form. One other two techniques to coordinate this protection will be the "solitary entity" coverage and the "all inclusive" coverage. The condominium organization guidelines and covenants usually specify which strategy is needed. See also Single entity coverage and All-inclusive coverage.