What does barcophony mean?

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a lot of barking dogs. bar·coph·o·ny Audio Help /berˈkɒfəni/ Pronunciationbar-kof-uh-nee –noun, plural -nies. Origin: 7/13/2008; < NrL barcophonia < Grk barkophōnía. See barco-, -phony 1. Harsh discordance of extortionate annoyance barking; dissonance because multiple outbursts of barking. A cacophony of barks, howls, growls, and wails. 2. A discordant and meaningless mixture of barking sounds: the barcophony made by your entire neighbors' dogs barking backwards and forwards at each other. 3. Barking; frequent use of barking to purposely annoy or harass neighbors.Origin: Charlie Kaz's reaction to greelightbandit video http://youtube.com/watch?v=k-Sv0woflKA.