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Barbora is NOT a Barbie. She's a girl from either Slovak or Czech Republic. A tremendously wonderful individual, who people are lucky to have within their lives. She's very separate, smart, with sense of humor. When you yourself have a Barbora for a pal, you may be yes she will be here for your needs in return needs equivalent. She can be really supportive and compromise-ready. However, the woman sweetness disappears when you perform unacceptable or unjust to this lady or the woman beloved people. Barbora is a quite responsible person though there clearly was a young child's soul within this lady, that craves for crazy, spontaneous action. As soon as crazy, Barbora can be the perfect gf - caring, comprehension and fun to be around. In general, if you have a Barbora, don't allow the girl go! Barbora originates from Slovakia or Czech Republic and honors brands Day on 4th of December. There is some Barboras i understand but this is dedicated to one of them. This chick is extremely admired by people around her if you are natural and constantly fun to hang around with. On the other hand there is a very sensitive and painful and caring side of the lady, that only some happy men and women get to know. And when you get to know the girl better, you'll feel lucky you have fulfilled these types of a wonderful individual. She actually is also very responsible and very good at organising things and I believe she'd make outstanding mommy. Not to mention that she's the best gf you might ever before imagine. Loving, caring, playful, funny, somewhat crazy, stunning, intelligent, wise and hundreds of various other positive adjectives i cannot think about now - what more can you request ? She enjoys going to the movies alone and playing a game title called Pexeso, which she actually is ideal at in fact. Whether she is your buddy, gf, relative or in other means associated with you, you are a lucky person you've fulfilled the lady. CrazySexyCool chick with quite blue eyes. A blond chick, with tight buns and curves that a black man cannot resist checking out. A white man would log on to it also however.