What does barbican mean?

barbican meaning in General Dictionary

A tower or advanced work defending the entry to a castle or town as at a gate or bridge it had been usually large and strong having a ditch and drawbridge of its own

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  • a tower that's element of a defensive framework (such as for example a castle)
  • Alt. of Barbacan

barbican meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"outer fortification of a city or castle," mid-13c., from Old French barbacane (12c.), a broad Romanic word, perhaps eventually from Arabic or Persian (compare bab-khanah "gate-house"). Watkins identifies it as from Old Iranian *pari-varaka "protective," from *wor-o-, suffixed variant as a type of PIE root *wer- (5) "to pay for" (see wier).

barbican - French to English

red-and-yellow barbet

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  • crested barbet

barbican meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Barbacan

Sentence Examples with the word barbican

Others are Bootham Bar, the main entrance from the N., also having a Norman arch; Monk Bar (N.E.), formerly called Goodramgate, but renamed in honour of General Monk, and Walmgate Bar, of the time of Edward I., retaining the barbican repaired in 1648.

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