What does barbequed mean?

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smokin bong after bong of dro is where it starts. Then after it starts, you will know. and you will understand when it's taking place after it starts. and you may take-out the apostraphe b/c its also confusing with-it in (it really is). anyhow, barbequed is a state of mind, effecting folks diffrently, some individuals it generates all of them laugh, other it makes them cry, sometimes it even makes individuals CRAZY. barbequed is being high after dark point of, let us state, "toasted", "baked", "grilled" etc. barbecue can be a great way to prepare your pork. and after that you will google whether they are chicken ribs or meat ribs. from the topic again, barbequed takes place after inhaling smoke from cannabis buds(thc!!), aka the good fresh fruit of plant. ENJOY FUN!