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See varriation: baracgasm.bar·awe·gasm Pronunciation: bar-ah'-ga-zem work: noun Etymology: right title, Barack + awe + brand new Latin "orgasmus," from Greek "orgasmos," from "organ" to "grow ready," "be lustful;" probably similar to Sanskrit "ūrjā," meaning, "to sap strength." Date: circa 2009 1) an explosive release of awe, question and neuromuscular tensions on level of Barack Obama-related development reporting. 2) physical extacy brought on by mental arousal related to the awe and question of Barack Obama ; typically associated with a thrill rising an individual's knee together with climax of platitudes and acolades by "unbiased" reporters. — bar·awe·gas·mic also bar·awe·gas·tic bar·awe·gas-tik adjective