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In the Philippines prostitution is unlawful, however it is legal for a bar client to pay the bar for priviledge of using a "GRO" (Guest Relations Officer) away from her work of "entertaining" men which enter into the club. The "Bar good" is money paid towards the bar to just take one of these brilliant women out of the bar, usualy for intercourse, eventhough that will not be discussed. Typically the bar keeps 50 % of the club fine and also the GRO gets another 1 / 2. The "Maddam" (usuly an adult prostitute) who is responsible for the GROs collects the bar fine. Within reasonable time limitations, if club fined GRO is a nonperformer the most common arrangement should get back the GRO towards the maddam who can both get back the bar fine towards client or find a far more accomodating day for consumer. Beware, tipping the GRO directly is oftentimes anticipated also.