What does baptist mean?

baptist meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, "one which baptizes;" see baptize + -ist. As "member of a Protestant sect that believes in adult baptism by immersion" (with capital B-), attested from 1654; their opponents called all of them anabaptists.

baptist meaning in General Dictionary

follower of Baptistic doctrines

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  • person who administers baptism; -- especially put on John, the forerunner of Christ.
  • One of a denomination of Christians who deny the quality of baby baptism as well as sprinkling, and keep maintaining that baptism should be administered to believers alone, and really should be by immersion. See Anabaptist.

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baptist meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A person who administers baptism; -- specifically placed on John, the forerunner of Christ.

Sentence Examples with the word baptist

It shows us the Lord Jesus entering on the mission predicted by the Baptist without declaring Himself to be the Messiah; attracting the multitudes in Galilee by His healing power and His unbounded sympathy, and at the same time awakening the envy and suspicion of the leaders of religion; training a few disciples till they reach the conviction that He is the Christ, and then, but not till then, admitting them into the secret of His coming sufferings, and preparing them for a mission in which they also must sacrifice themselves; then journeying to Jerusalem to fulfil the destiny which He foresaw, accepting the responsibility of the Messianic title, only to be condemned by the religious authorities as a blasphemer and handed over to the Roman power as a pretender to the Jewish throne.

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